Porcini & Meco Chilli 100g (Medium Heat)


Porcini & Meco Chilli 100g (Medium Heat)

This is our newest addition to our range of seasonings and one of the longest to develop.

What makes this blend so special?

We only had a one blend specifically for Steak and brisket and that was our Espresso & Ancho Chilli and we wanted to develop another but one that that used very special ingredients to deliver you an ultimate seasoning that will change the way you cook.

Based on Porcini mushrooms we have expertly blended this with Meco chilli which bring a medium smokey heat but nothing that will overpower overall taste when cooked.

The Columbian ground coffee brings just a subtle earthiness to the flavours without being a definitive presence.

Meco Chilli – Chipotle Meco are products of fresh jalapenos. If harvested when still green, they are sold as jalapenos. Peppers picked when they have reached the very end of their ripening cycle and have turned such a deep mahogany red they are almost brown are the ones that become Chipotle Meco.

Porcini mushrooms, also known as king boletes (Boletus edulis), are a species in the bolete family that are loved for their meaty texture and rich, earthy flavor.

How to Use – It is best used on leaner cuts of beef such as Sirloin, Ribeye, Porterhouse and Fillet.

lightly oil, your chosen cut of meat, then apply our seasoning liberally but distribute evenly.

If you leave the dry rub to marinade then the juices of the meat should have allowed a moist coating to form. This can be placed directly to heat or open flame.




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Weight100 g
Dimensions20 × 27 cm
Packet Size



16 x 24 cm

Best for

Beef (Lean)

Heat Level


Allergen Advice

May contain traces of Nuts & Sesame.


Coconut Sugar, Porcini Mushrooms 15%, Garlic, Meco Chilli 15%, Ancho Chilli, 5% Guajillo Chilli 5%, CELERY, Dark Coriander, Black Lime, Columbian Roast Decaffeinated Coffee, Hickory Smoked Salt.

We Recommend

Apply liberally to leaner cuts of meat and allow to marinade for a minimum of 12 hours. Excellent results on steak, particularly Sirloin, Ribeye or Porterhouse.


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