BBQ Smoking Chips – Maple (300g)


BBQ Smoking Chips – Maple


Maple provides a medium smokey flavour to your food and is particularly great for smoking fish, poultry and pork. Maple offers a much-desired flavour and aroma to any BBQ.

How to use:

These wood chips are designed to be used on the BBQ to flavour food; simply sprinkle the chippings onto the coals just before cooking the food or near the end of the cooking time. You can use a smoking box or a tray if you want a slower release of smoke.

Should you soak your chips?

Some say to soak your chips in water, ale or fruit juice before smoking.

In reality, if you are placing the chips directly on the coals this isn’t necessary, If you are using a smoking box or tin then you can create a slower release of smoke. If you are to soak your chips it is better to do it the night before.


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