Smoked Rack of Lamb

Lamb is by far one of the most succulent and flavoursome of meats and is able to take on a variety of flavours from marinades and spices.

We have worked to pair two of the most important Middle Eastern flavours Pomegranate and Cardamom into a flavoursome dry rub for lamb. Why not try adding the dry rub ingredients to Greek yoghurt and using this as an overnight wet marinade. This has given truly great results on Full legs of Lamb but works just the same on smaller cuts such as lamb chops and lamb cutlets.

One of the mistakes made when cooking lamb is treating it like brisket and cooking on a low and slow smoke. The reason behind this is that the lamb very easily takes on the smoke flavour and it can make it taste very bitter and not enjoyable. Getting that balance with smoky flavours is only gained through practise but once you give this particular recipe a try we are confident you will get great results.

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Preparation Time

10 Minutes
Overnight Marinade

Cooking Time

1 Hour 45 Minutes ( Indirect Heat BBQ)
30 Minutes (Direct Heat BBQ)
1 Hour (Oven)


3 – 4




Preparing the Lamb

  • Coat your lamb particularly on the fat side with oil (The reason for this is when you apply your dry rub it helps with the bonding process)
  • Apply a fine layer of our Pomegranate & Cardamom dry rub and leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 7 hours

Setting your BBQ

  • Preheat your BBQ so that the coals are white and the temperature is around 148 – 153 Degrees Centigrade when using an offset or side smoker.  (Your lamb will retain a lot more moisture and have a balanced smoky flavour)
  • If you are using direct heat on your BBQ, you will want to set your coals to a fine bed of white charcoal and cook your lamb at a distance of 6 – 7 Inches from the coals. (Your lamb will be drier)
  • If using an oven you will want to cook your lamb at around 150 – 160 Degrees (You will have a balanced moisture level but limited smokey flavours)

The cook

  • Prior to the cook, allow your meat to come to room temperature for at least 1 hour
  • Place your lamb rack on the BBQ Fat side down (Or if in the oven, Place Fat side down on a bed of chopped onions)
  • Maintain an ambient temperature of 148 Centigrade if your lid is on the BBQ. (If you are using direct heat with no Lid you will need a temperature probe to monitor the temperature during your cook and eyeball the amount of charring to the fat, You really don’t want to be burning the fat layer at the very beginning.)
  • You are looking to bring the lamb to an internal temperature of 30 Degrees Centigrade over the course of 30 – 40 Minutes
  • Turn the rack so it is Fat side up and continue to cook for a further 30 – 50 minutes until the internal temperature reaches 52 Degrees Centigrade.
  • When you have reached your desired temperature, Remove the Lamb from the grill and cover with foil and allow to rest for up to 30 minutes. (This will result in a much tender lamb when served.)

Tip : Always pay attention to your cook, ensure that your lamb is not too close to the coals so that it quickly burns, Take your time and value the resting period after.

This is fantastic when served with:-

Mojardara ( Basmati Rice with Lentils and Crispy Onions )

Charred Aubergine and Saffron Yoghurt