Smoked BBQ Rabbit with Couscous

To start you will need to know the facts of this particular Dish

It will taste rich and flavoursome but you will be tearing the meat from the bone and it will be drier than you are used to when compared to Chicken or Turkey.

Please expect this as you cook the meat on the BBQ as it will not retain much of its moisture unless you look to braise it in a casserole.

The brining process will help you to retain some of the moisture during the cook.

Preparation Time

15 Minutes Plus Overnight Brine

Cooking Time

2 Hours




For the Brine

  • 1 Litre of Water
  • 20g Salt
  • A handful of Juniper berries or Cloves or a Cinnamon stick (Anything to add a little spice to the brine) It will not take on much of this flavour.

For the Rabbit

  • Meat seasoning of your Choice, We chose Pomegranate and Cardamom in order to bring Middle Eastern flavours to the rabbit.
  • Mild Mustard
  • 1 KG sensibly sourced wild rabbit (We sourced our rabbit from Macknade Faversham who in turn provide non farmed wild rabbit)

For the Couscous

  • 250g Couscous
  • 3 Large Spring Onions
  • 500Ml Chicken Stock
  • 50g or a handfull of pomegranate seeds
  • Fresh coriander to garnish



For the Rabbit

  • combine the ingredients for the brine and cover your rabbit portions entirely for a minimum of 6 hours. (Do not be tempted to add additional salt or you will draw out all the moisture in the meat)
  • Remove your portions from the brine and pat dry with a cloth
  • Rub in mild mustard so that it covers all of your meat portions
  • sprinkle with your seasoning of choice, Again we have chosen our Pomegranate and Cardamom dry seasoning
  • Bring your BBQ to a consistent temperature of 110C. We will be cooking this covered and with indirect heat or an offset smoker
  • Skewer your Rabbit portions with 2 skewers to allow easy control when turning.
  • Cook your rabbit portions for 2 hours. (Spray with apple cider vinegar every 20 minutes) Prepare your couscous during this time
  • Finally, cook your rabbit on an open flame until charred. (You need to ensure your meat hits 75C internal temperature)
  • At the same time char off your spring onions on an open flame.

For the Couscous

  • Add your Couscous to a small bowl and cover entirely with your stock
  • Leave to absorb the liquid for up to 15 Minutes
  • Using a fork break apart the grains and stir in your Pomegranate seeds to add flavour.


Serving Suggestion

Serve your Rabbit portions on your bed of Couscous with charred spring onions. and a side of Greek yoghurt combined with dry mint for a cool accompaniment to your rabbit.

Remember that it may not be practical to use a knife and fork as you will get more meat off the bone by tearing it.

Get plenty of paper towels

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