Cape Malay (100g)


Cape Malay (100g)

We are very proud of this latest addition to our range of Premium seasonings

Inspired by South African Cape Malay cuisine and the array of spices that culminates in the East meets West melting pot

The primary flavours come from the fruity Date sugar that blends with Cumin, Coriander and Orange Peel.

This particular blend brings amazing sweetness but follows with after tastes of bold spices.

How to Use –

We use this mostly on Cuts of Lamb and Chicken Thighs, Simply mix with yoghurt on your chosen cut. We recommend leaving this to marinate for 2 hours minimum. If you are planning on using this on a whole leg of lamb we definitely recommend an overnight marinade followed by a long slow cook.


Tip: If you are planning on using a BBQ then try to bring the meat up to temperature slowly using indirect heat, rather than placing the seasoned meat directly on the open flame. This will allow some of the juices and fats to form a paste with your seasoning. This will avoid burning the seasoning and ending up with a charred powder.

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A perfect blend of labour intensive Cardamom and the citrus of Pomegranate that brings middle eastern flavours to your cook.

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Allergen Advice

May contain traces of Nuts & Sesame.


Coconut Sugar, Pomegranate, Chilli's Mulato, Cardamom, Cumin, Corriander, Black Lime, Oak Smoked Salt


Reseal after opening and store in a cool dark place

We Recommend

Apply liberally to lamb allowing to marinade Overnight. If using a whole leg of lamb consider adding yoghurt to form a paste.


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