Oak Whisky Barrel cold smoking dust (225g)


Artisan Cold Smoker and Oak Whisky Barrel cold smoking dust gift set (225g)

At cut to the smoke we really enjoy smoking our own food and as such want to share our new range of smoking dusts.

This particular Blend is made from Oak whisky barrels and brings a very deep oak flavour to any of your smokes. This is perfect for smoking Salt, Cheese, Bacon amongst other things and we will not go into too much about how good it is with Salmon and other fish.

How to Use –

Fill your Artisan smoker and light using a small tea light, the dust will smoulder and give a food safe smoke for 3 – 4 hours.

We also sell our artisan cold smoke generators which can be used on your own BBQ with a lid, a wooden box or even a cardboard box, it really is that simple when smoking your own food.

When using a cold smoke generator please place your smoker on the BBQ or if using a wooden or cardboard box just sit it on a plate or tray.

When lit do not force it to burn as it will smoulder on its own for many hours, if there is a breeze within the box it will naturally smoulder and smoke faster resulting in a shorter smoke.

We are about to release some sample smoke 5.99 and tips on using artisan cold smokers and how to get some fantastic results.

Weight225 g
Dimensions4 × 20 × 27 cm

Brings a rich deep strong oak flavour to anything you smoke

Packet Size



Reseal after opening and store in a cool dark place

We Recommend

Amazing when smoking salt, bacon and cheese. Really good to smoke fish in particular salmon.


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